Your Furry Friend Can Help You Be More Energy Efficient Too

Are you guilty of a leaky dog door? Many pet owners do not realize just how leaky dog doors can be. The combination of pet movement in and out of the house as well as outside wind forces and leaking air can lead to tremendous energy loss with heat escaping during the winter months and cold air escaping during the summer. These small amounts of energy lost can accumulate over time costing you more money and ultimately disturbing the desired comfort of your home.


In fact, Michigan residents Brian and Debra woke up one morning to find a snow drift in their living room that had blown in through their dog door. Fed up with the constant leaking of energy, this innovative couple decided to create Freedom Pet Pass dog doors – the most energy efficient dog doors in the world. They perfected a design to meet all their needs using DoubleMagTM seal technology for an airtight, weatherproof seal providing quality, durability, and safety for all dogs and homes.


Here are three questions to ask when looking to purchase an energy efficient pet door like Freedom Pet Pass.

  1. Does the pet door pass efficiency requirements? A good benchmark test is California’s Title 24 energy efficiency requirements.
  2. What materials were used to construct the door? Make sure the door was built with materials to withstand temperature extremes, are UV resistant, and use safe and non-toxic chemicals.
  3. Is the door comfortable for your pet? Ultimately, while efficiency is important, your pet’s comfort is also important. Make sure there are no added hooks or features that may harm your pet.

If you choose to invest in an energy efficient pet door, you are not only preventing leaks but also ensuring the overall comfort of your home. Control your energy and live comfortably with your furry friends.




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