A House Haunted!

Arehaunted House you possibly haunted by the unknown lurking in your walls? Just in the past month, Go Green Home Services has hunted out silent, but some possibly deadly ghosts for our clients. For one couple, it meant spending all last winter with  unexplained  headaches.

1. CO Poisoning– The deadly, silent killer.

CO, short for carbon monoxide, is a poisonous by-product of gas-fired appliances that kills at least 430 people per year. It is dangerous because it is not easily detected and has no odor. If you have any gas appliances, there is a possible risk of CO poisoning in your home. While CO poisoning doesn’t always kill you, most often it makes you feel sick with headaches and flu-like systems.  That is why it is so important to have CO detectors.

This past month, a couple had an audit with Go Green Home Services, and it’s a good thing they did! The entire last winter, the couple suffered from unexplained headaches, and they didn’t know why. Go Green Home Services helped them find that they had a cracked heat ex-changer in their gas furnace allowing CO to enter their homes through their duct work. Their unit has been replaced and now they are safe for the winter! Better safe than sorry. They still got themselves a nice, new CO monitor as well.

2. Knob and Tube Wiring– Major source of fire for older homes.

Older homes come with lots of surprises. But in a day and age when electricity is not a luxury, we don’t expect that some of our cities most beautiful homes might have electric wiring that puts us in danger. Knob and tube wiring is common in homes built before the 1930s. Homes built in this era did not have proper insulation by today’s standards which allowed the knob and tube wiring plenty of air space to dissipate excess heat reducing the risk of fire. Insulation on knob and tube wiring is a major fire hazard, but we now know tknob and tubehe importance of having a tight home that is well insulated. As knob and tube wiring is generally at least 80+ years old, the general rule is to have it upgraded to reduce your risk of fire.

As Go Green Home Services is in TVA’s  Quality Contractor Network, we also must let you know that the eScore program does not give rebates for work completed in homes with live knob and tube wiring. Check out the rebates for the eScore program.

3. Disconnected Duct Work– A thief in the night.

Most of us are not exactly sure how our HVAC’s work, we just know that we can push a button on our wall to be comfortable. We are unaware of how important  duct work is because it is hidden away in attics, crawl spaces, and walls. So while it is true that you can push a button on your wall to make the house comfortable, there are times when this is just not the case.

Hole in Ducts- with CaptionThis month, we did an audit for a client who turns down her thermostat in the winter to 68 degrees when she sleeps. But, she found that every morning when she woke up, her bedroom temperature would read 62-64 degrees while the rest of the home was the intended 68 degrees. After further inspection, we discovered that she had a hole in her bedroom duct work. She was heating the crawl space and not her bedroom. In the photo you can see the hole was large enough that none of the air was making it into her bedroom. Her duct work has been repaired, and she is no longer going to freeze this winter.

Just a couple weeks later, I visited a couple who asked me to look at their duct work. had a whole duct run that wasn’t connected to anything. They were just paying to heat and cool the crawl space and didn’t even know it!



The reason for these haunting tales is to let you know that many homes do have ghosts lurking — ghosts that a dangerous, steal from you, and leave you shaking in your bed! Go Green Home Services is fearless in getting into these hidden areas of your home to help you know exactly what you are dealing with so you don’t have to be “Afraid of No Ghost”!  


Ice Dams, Beware!

Have you checked your home for Ice Damming? The snow and ice left by the winter storms this year took permanent residence on top of rooftops and gutters throughout Nashville.  This caused a lot residential damage due to the formation of Ice Dams. Ice Dams? Yep, another reason to consider a Go Green in home energy audit. Ice Dams form on top of rooftops and gutters and when snow melts the water flows down the side the  sloping roof and freezes into ice as the air becomes colder.

The indoor heat loss inside your home will cause the ice to back up and cause leaks through your ceilings, walls and insulation.  You can lean how to stay ahead of Ice Dams HERE

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Do It Yourself Energy Evaluation Program

Curios about your homes energy performance? When you complete the do-it-yourself energy evaluation, TVA will send you a customized energy report to help you understand where your home is wasting energy – and how you can fix those expensive leaks.

It addresses areas such as heating and cooling, lighting, water heating and electrical appliances. The tips are personalized based on your answers about your home and energy use. You can access the evaluation HERE

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The Cost of Cool: ​Mark Deutschmann, founder, Core Development Services (and Go Green Home Services!)

Mark Deutschmann came to Nashville in the mid-1990s with a background in zoology and marine biology, but real estate caught his interest. He began working in Hillsboro Village, where the average home price was between $60,000 and $110,000. Today, it’s closer to $550,000.

Deutschmann also came to Nashville with the idea that density was better.

“It’s better for us as humans to come in and live closer together as opposed to sprawl and take up wilderness,” he said.

That belief is evident in his development work, which stretches from 12South to East Nashville and is defined by small homes close together and projects with a mix of residential, retail and office. In Wedgewood-Houston, for example, his team is developing a complex geared toward artisans, a group who has lived and worked in the neighborhood for years.

But creativity brings cachet, and many worry it won’t be long until urbanites with deeper pockets change the neighborhood’s demographics.

How do you describe the current state of Nashville’s growth? Back in 1995, on 12th Avenue South, we were talking about reinhabiting the city, as what is now 12South was 70 percent vacant and apparently undesirable. … I consider it reinhabiting the neighborhood commercial districts and bringing back the owner-user as opposed to the absentee landlord.

What’s at stake here? Nashville has now embraced its urban neighborhoods, a trend that is happening across the country. … The downtown, and all inner-ring neighborhoods, are in play. This puts pressure on pricing, which drives up land costs. Developers are currently responding to high land prices on the corridors by building 200-plus-unit apartment complexes with high rent prices. language conversion . is good, on the one hand, because urban density on the corridors is desirable. Pricing becomes higher in the contiguous neighborhoods, and families that own homes are cashing out — which is both good, as that family has created wealth, but bad, because they will now be looking elsewhere to find affordable options, which now might be suburban.

Read full article here.
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Indoor Air Quality

Whether youair-quality-services own or lease your home, this guide by the EPA will help you to maximize your Indoor Air Qality, which will save you money while helping the environment. The air inside your home may be polluted by lead (in house dust), formaldehyde, fire-retardants, radon, even volatile chemicals from fragrances used in conventional cleaners. Some pollutants are tracked into the home. arrive via a new mattress or furniture, carpet cleaners, or a coat of paint on the walls. To learn more about indoor air quality in your home visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s EPA Indoor Air Quality.

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