Leaky House? Try a Blower Door Test


Do you have a leaky house? Let us help.

Summer is finally here, and it’s hot, hot, hot out there. As outside temperatures continue to rise, you may notice that parts of your home have a hard time staying cool. If so, this could be a result of a leaky home.

Energy efficient homes are as airtight as possible. So, how do I know if I have a leaky house, you ask? Let us help.

The best way to gauge the airtightness of a house is to conduct a blower door test. Blower door testing can be useful for both new homes and older homes.


A blower door test can measure the following:
• Airtightness levels needed to qualify for certain home labeling programs, including Energy Star and Passivhaus;
• Heat loss and heat gain
• Moisture condensation problems

The test also evaluates how much ventilation may be needed to reach acceptable indoor air quality.

Once these evaluations have been made by a home energy specialist, he or she will construct a plan to address any airtightness challenges your home may face.

For more information on the benefits of door blower test, visit https://energy.gov/energysaver/blower-door-tests.

To schedule an energy audit, which includes a blower door test, contact us today.

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