Four Reasons to Line Dry Your Clothes 

Source: WiseBread

  1. Line Drying Saves Energy.

While high efficiency machines may save some energy, most older model dryers use about 3.3 kilowatt hours per load (source: That’s more than double what a large window AC unit uses per hour! While you may have to exert some energy handwashing the clothes, your utility bills will thank you in the long-term.

  1. Line Drying Saves you Money.

money laundering - wet one hundred dollar bills on a clothesline. macro shot over white with limited depth of field.

According to, Americans pay about 36 cents for the energy to run the washing machine for one load of laundry, 40 cents for energy for the dryer and 11 cents for water — that’s almost a dollar per load! The costs for line drying clothes are minimal: a one-time fee for the line and clothespins. Tip: Make sure to bring clothes in before storms, as you may have to wash clothes again multiple times if exposed to weather, bird droppings, etc.                                                                                                                            

  1. Line-dried clothes smell amazing!


Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly-washed sheets? And the smell of sun-dried clothes is even more refreshing. Tip: Make sure you let your clothes dry in the sun for at least an hour. However, make sure not to leave them out in the elements for too long. 

  1. It Can Extend the Life of Your Clothes.


Never worry about shrinking your clothes again with line-drying! You also won’t have to worry about dryer melts and items left in pockets. Blue jeans, t-shirts, and thin clothing items weather much better on the line and will keep their shape much longer.

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