Four Reasons to Join the CSA Craze

Have you ever heard of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) before? CSA is the fresher and easier way to purchase your favorite organic fruits and veggies while supporting local farmers.

It’s an easy process. Pay your local farmer a fixed fee at the beginning of growing season, and voilà! In return you’ll get a full box of the most natural and delicious farm goods. Several farmers in town offer the service. For example, Green Door Gourmet offers boxes starting at around $20 for a full box of seasonal goods. If you’re still not convinced to go CSA, here are four reasons you should consider signing up for your local CSA.

1. You’ll Enjoy the Freshest Fruits and Veggies

Did you know that every day a fruit or vegetable is being transported to the grocery store or sitting on the shelves, it is losing roughly 10 percent of its nutritional value? That means that by the time you are eating it, a fruit or vegetable has usually lost more than 50 percent of its nutritional value. On average, it takes roughly 5 days for a fruit/veggie to get from the farm to the store. Why eat half healthy foods when you can get freshly harvested fruits and vegetables directly from your local farmers every single week? Think about all the pure nutrients your body will be consuming to avoid diseases and continue living with great energy!

2. You’re Saving the Environment

Shopping CSA has countless environmental benefits. Because you are shopping directly from the farm, foods don’t have to endure long trips to grocery stores, cutting down on air pollution from transportation. Supporting farmers by shopping locally helps keep their organic farms healthy and full, preventing the need for harmful chemicals that can get into the waterways that we depend on. In short, we save energy, we save our water quality, and we enhance our community diversity.

3. You’re Saving Money

CSA’s are one of the most economically-sound alternatives to grocery shopping. According to learnvest, inc, you could receive a small box of broccoli, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, and squash for $7 to $10 a week! Prices will vary depending on the location and the size of your local farm. However, compared to grocery stores, it is usually not only the healthier but also the cheaper option of the two. Who wouldn’t want to get the fresher and cheaper fruits and vegetables in town?

4. Opportunities for Fun Adventures

By joining your local CSA, you become more involved with local farmers who often offer opportunities to join in on fun activities at the farm. Local farmers host events like seasonal strawberry picking and Fall Festivals for both kids and adults to enjoy. In addition, these are fun ways to meet new people and enjoy time in nature.

You’ll never regret a decision to have more fun, be healthier, and save the environment all at the same time. Research your local farms/farmers and consider joining the CSA craze to experience better, more sustainable living.


Photo source: Green Door Gourmet

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